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2012 ... Beginning of the MOUN adventure. An idea that starts from a lack, I could not find the jewels that corresponded to me, so I decided to create them, initially only for me, then for you.
This is how I think about my jewelry, I only have pieces that I want to wear.
I also pay close attention to how I package and deliver the jewelry to you because that is how I would like to receive it myself.
Offering yourself a piece of jewelry is an experience of self love, a gift made to yourself, it deserves attention and care.

Moun '....

It is a word that comes from the word Muntu in Kikongo (congo dialect), which means man, human. In Creole it gives the word  Moun.

Why this name?

Because I like the idea of a brand that brings people together and represents people.

I find our stories fascinating.

I like to understand, listen, retranscribe the journeys, the emotional baggage, the treasures of life, the things that we keep, those that we wear and which become a little piece of history.

MOUN it also evokes MOON: moon in English.

Symbol of the feminine element with these cycles, I who register myself in the change, in the changes I want to propose original creations which set the framework of the moment.

Welcome to my world of singular pieces !!!

Love ;-)

Stevy Mahy

Stevy Mahy

Stevy Mahy is a plural artist: author, composer and performer.

Passionate about image, she also embarks on directing.

Welcome to his world 



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